Future-proof your host-based applications

Use Rocket LegaSuite to quickly and easily develop rich web and mobile user experiences for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction. Eliminate the time and risk of replacing proven applications and starting from scratch. Instead, use LegaSuite to continually modernize your secure, tried-and-true applications for present and future needs, and stay ahead of the competition.

Empowering IBM i in the Digital Age

Get to mobile and web on time and under budget — no coding required

Today's customers expect digital experiences that connect them directly with your organization. But transforming host-based applications into agile web and mobile experiences can be difficult, expensive, and risky. Rocket LegaSuite enables you to reuse your reliable host-based application code to create new web and mobile applications, vastly reducing the cost, duration, and risk of scrapping the applications that run your business and building replacements from scratch.

Enhance employee productivity while reducing onboarding costs

While updating a host application’s user experience is just one part of a comprehensive modernization approach, it’s one of the most important ways you can reduce costs and increase productivity. An intuitive interface means fewer training requirements, faster onboarding and lower training costs. It also means that users can get more done in less time. Call center staff, for example, get up and running faster because the interface and navigation is familiar and intuitive, leading to increased revenue, fewer mistakes, and improved customer satisfaction.

“Not only have new employees reduced their training time by more than a week but our claims adjusters continue to provide positive feedback about the system. Instead of having to use all the function keys, just double click.”

— Chris Smith
Information Technology Director
CISM Safety Insurance

Choose from two best-of-breed options to modernize your host-based applications

Rocket modernization solutions enable you to unlock the value of your IBM i applications by delivering new user experiences, workflows, and capabilities without the risks of modifying the tried-and-true source code that runs your business. 

Rocket LegaSuite Web lets you web-enable critical back-end applications so your users can access them from web browsers and mobile devices. LegaSuite Web makes web development fast and easy, with drag-and-drop tools and runtime components that extend and repurpose any host-based application as a user-friendly, HTML5 web application.

With Rocket API, the functionality within your existing business systems can be easily wrapped in APIs to deliver real-time integration into new or existing cloud, mobile, and self-service applications—without risky code changes to your existing systems. Use Rocket API to help you build outstanding user experiences that mirror the way that your stakeholders do business.



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